Gather together. Be empowered by the promises of God. Be sent out into the world as disciples of the living Christ.

Welcome to Immanuel Lutheran Church!

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At Immanuel Lutheran Church we gather, empower, and send all people as disciples of the living Christ. We are a faith community that lives the way of Jesus and tells of his good news with our neighbors and world.  Our hope is that Immanuel is a place where you encounter Jesus and the full life that He offers us.

Please explore our site and come and visit us – you are always welcome!  If you need to reach Pastor Scott, please call or text him on his phone at (402) 499-4444.

    Which church is the right one?  We love choices… some of us like to be a part of a large church while others like a small one.  Some of us like “contemporary” praise music during worship, others like the old hymns, while others like a mix of both.  Those things are preferences we have and none are “right” or “wrong”.  But, when it comes to what the church believes about Jesus, that’s where there’s no wiggle room.  When Jesus takes control of our lives, he becomes the most important relationship to us – even more important than our family, friends or spouse.  He becomes the most important part of our time, talents and treasure.  He wants to have a deep love relationship with us.  Unfortunately, in 2022, there are a lot of other things that get in the way of that relationship with Jesus.  Join us for worship on Sunday mornings as we study the Bible’s book of Revelation and learn more about “which church is the right one”.   We gather for worship and study at 9:30 a.m. Sunday mornings.  Come as you are.  Everyone’s welcome!

God is alive and working in the lives of our community. We invite you to come celebrate the full life that He gives us through worship, fellowship, growth, service and sharing the story of His work in our lives.


If you wish to be with us online instead of in-person join us on Zoom by clicking the link below.


 Please click on the button below if you wish to give your offering online.  Thank you for supporting Immanuel’s mission and ministry in sharing God’s love in our world.

 We are a community of faith that believes God has created each of us ‘on purpose for a purpose’.  We celebrate the gift of life as we live God’s grace and generosity in all we do.  We are a welcoming place that understands that all of us are in different places in life as we seek to grow in our relationship with God.




Immanuel’s Pastor – Rev. Scott Larson